Shandong GRAD Group


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            0086- 534-2730845/827/771

            Shandong GRAD Group  —— Your side of the central air conditioning custom expert.

            Shandong GRAD Group is situated in Dezhou, Shandong. It is a large modern enterprise with the research & development, design, production, sales,
             installation and maintenance for central air conditioning products, composite material products and solar energy products.

            Shandong GRAD Group  —— The Central Air Conditioning System Customization Expert around You.

            • Production workshop
              450 thousand square meters of production base, high standard workshop of 200 thousand square
            • Scientific research
              Taking science and technology as the guide, and actively build a platform for the development of talent growth
            • Customer service
              Grad set up a set of perfect after sales service system, set up a market - oriented multi - level, three-dimensional
            • International business
              Grad group always adhere to the "morality based, people-oriented" management principles, formed its
            hot air certain

            Virtue win future ----GRAD Group

            GRAD Group hold 2017 annual meeting on 16th,Feb,2017 in Beijing famous hotel.All leaders of GRAD Group attended this meeting.Firstly Mr. Guan Yingui -...

            Grad Cases

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